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We display medical relief place and evacuation site.

We can display own present location on the map by validating positional information service.

Please perform re-update of page to update the present location.

Explanatory notes

Temporary gathering spot

Place to gather temporarily to move to evacuation site to see state of disaster

Evacuation site

Place to evacuate to from spread of fire fire and other danger


  • Under establishment
  • Under preparations
  • Under the closure

Place where person damaged by collapse or destruction by fire of house lives temporarily

It is hard to come home, and person support (acceptance) provides equipment

  • Under establishment
  • The crowdedness

Facility which is hard to come home, and performs offer of information for person, opening of restroom, temporary acceptance

Medical relief place

  • Under establishment
  • Under preparations

Relief place established for the disabled whom we suffered from (after the disaster establishment of around three days)