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Medical information

hatsuwazawaigo three days are used as an indication, and "medical relief place" is established, and, in Large-scale disaster, medical care is started at disaster.

List of medical relief places

The establishment situation Facility name Address Remarks
Under the closure Japan Red Cross medical center (medical relief place) 4-1-22, Hiroo
Under the closure Higashi Health Plaza (medical relief place) Higashi 3-14-13
Under the closure Cultural Center Owada (medical relief place) 23-21, Sakuragaokacho
Under the closure Central hospital (medical relief place) 2-18-1, Shoto
Under the closure Wind, Uehara (medical relief place) of forest 2-2-20, Uehara
Under the closure Inoue Hospital (medical relief place) 1-53-8, Tomigaya
Under the closure The general ward care community murmuring (medical relief) 1-40-10, Nishihara
Under the closure Naito Hospital (medical relief place) 1-35-10, Hatsudai
Under the closure Hatsudai rehabilitation hospital (medical relief place) 3-53-3, Honcho
Under the closure Cross hospital (medical relief place) Hatagaya 2-18-20
Under the closure Yoyogi hospital (medical relief place) Sendagaya 1-30-7
Under the closure Tokyo Hospital attached to Tokai University (medical relief place) 1-2-5, Yoyogi
Under the closure JR Tokyo General Hospital (medical relief place) 2-1-3, Yoyogi
Under the closure Ito Hospital (medical relief place) 4-3-6, Jingumae