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Point of five - "self-act" for major earthquake

We raise home quake resistance

By the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, 80% or more of 6,434 victims died for suffocation, death from suffocation by collapse of building or fall of furniture.

We block up road which gives damage to house of neighborhood when home collapses, and rescue operation is disturbed and might cause the second damage.

Particularly, it is necessary to receive earthquake-resistant diagnosis, and to confirm safety because wooden house which started building works before 1981 (Showa 56) is Architecture by old earthquake proofing standard.

In ward, we carry out dispatch (free) of earthquake-resistant diagnosis consultant of wooden house and the furtherance of earthquake-resistant repair expense.

We prevent fall, movement, fall of fitting

We suffer damage such as bleeding with broken glass which is crushed under indoor furniture and furniture which is heavy when we fall down and move, and lighting equipment drops even if home does not collapse and, as a result, might not be able to stay at home.

"Fixing furniture to wall and floor by metal fittings" needs measures "that "fixing with Paul between furniture and ceilings" puts stopper between between furniture and floor" to prevent such a damage.

In ward, we carry out the furtherance of purchase expense of free installation (elderly person household or household where person with a disability is) of furniture fall prevention metal fittings and furniture fall prevention metal fittings.

We prepare thing necessary for life for at least three days

If home does not collapse, and we fall down and move, and fitting does not drop, it does not have to go to refuges such as elementary and junior high schools and can take shelter at home.

But it is almost important from hatsuwazawai to prepare "water" "food" "storage restroom" in each family for at least three days because lifesaving is given priority to for three days, and transportation of relief supplies and restoration of lifeline take several days.

Besides, "fire extinguisher" necessary for initial fire extinguishing needs "flashlight" which is necessary when electricity, gas, water supply is not usable "carrying radio" "desk cooker" personally; "let's prepare for glasses (contact) "taking medicine" "allergy correspondence food" a little too much.

In ward, we carry out mediation of home fire extinguisher and emergency supplies.

We confirm place of refuge, refuge course

Even if home is safe, we cannot but evacuate by fear of spread of fire and aftershock of fire from home.

You should not go to direction where another person evacuates to then together. We regard security of refuge course as purpose of refuge, and it is necessary to choose appropriate place of refuge.

Three kinds of next are in place of refuge depending on purpose of refuge.

Temporary (we say) meeting place
Place to gather temporarily to evacuate to evacuation site to see state of disaster. Park, city park, Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine which ward appointed.

Evacuation site
Place to evacuate to from spread of fire fire and other danger. Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park which the capital appointed, Hiroshi Park in Shinjuku, Aoyama Gakuin, Jissen Women's University, Yebisu Garden Place.

(place where local inhabitants damaged by collapse or destruction by fire of house live temporarily. 32 places including elementary and junior high school which ward appointed.)

We may not evacuate by the shortest course. At the time of evil of fact, the middle of course is blocked up with collapsed house and fire occurs and may not pass. It is important to actually check 2 roots or more on foot even at least.

We confirm intrafamilial communication method

When major earthquake was generated, both telephone and email become hard to be connected.

When it is running out of blackout and battery, and home landline and cell-phone are not usable, let's use public telephone and special telephone for disaster of refuge.

Communication means that we can use at the time of disaster includes the following thing.

"Message dial 171 for disaster" of NTT East Japan

"Message board for disaster" by the cell-phone companies "Sound delivery service for disaster"

※We can experience free every month in disaster prevention and volunteer week (January 15-21 days) for 1-3 days, disaster prevention week (from August 30 to September 5) in 1.15 days, January.