If we are in indoor

We felt yureo (at first personal security)

There is a threat that furniture which windowpane that electric bulb falls scatters falls down.

We take low posture if we feel yureo, and, using cushion or cushion in the circumference, let's protect head.

When yurede falls down, and there is moving thing around, let's become a dependent on detached room, safe place (bottoms of strong desk) from the as possible place.

We open door, and let's secure evacuation route.

yuregaosamattara (we prevent fire by the disposal of fire well)

Let's begin action after confirming yuregaosamattara, danger (broken glass, furniture, gas leak, fire that fell down) of place that there is now.

Let's wear gloves, shoes (if there is not slippers and socks), helmet which we are easy to wear to prevent injury with broken glass when we act.

Let's turn off appliance to use fire and heat including kitchen and stove for surely. At the time of refuge, we will cut breaker, the main cock of gas.

After the disposal of fire

We confirm personal security of family and find, and let's obtain disaster information, refuge information.

We will secure exit where we can evacuate to.

Let's perform next if we can secure own personal security.
•Confirmation, securing of security of family
•Acquisition of disaster information, refuge information
•Securing of exit for refuge
•Attention of glass piece and fall furniture
※We convey own present situation, and let's use message board (web171 for cell-phone) for message dial, disaster for disaster to confirm safety of family and acquaintance.

About aftershock

Aftershock may be generated after first large kinayuregaosamatta. It will prevent you from approaching furniture and building which seem to fall down.