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If we are in the outdoors

We felt yureo (we protect head and avoid dangerous thing)

Wall made of blocks falls down, and windowpane and signboard fall.

We take low posture if we feel yureo, and, using bag and jacket, shopping bag of shop, let's protect head.

When we are careful about states of the circumference, and yurede falls down, and there is moving thing, let's become a dependent on detached room, safe place (space where thing does not fall down to) from the as possible place.

yuregaosamattara (we act according to instructions of person in charge)

Let's begin action after confirming yuregaosamattara, danger (broken glass, article, fire that fell down) of place that there is now.

At place where a large number of people gather, panic may be caused. When there is person in charge, according to the instructions, let's act calmly.

When we act

Let's act to prevent injury with broken glass when we act while warning place to put place and foot arriving by hand.

Acquisition of right information

In consultation with reliable information including information sent to by TV, the news and administration of radio, we will make to be made to be puzzled by false rumor.

In information from news media, words and cities municipalities, firefighting, the police, let's obtain consistently.

It will prevent you from making unnecessary, a non-steep telephone.

About aftershock

Aftershock may continue after first large kinayuregaosamatta. It will prevent you from approaching big product and showcase, windowpane.

About instruction of refuge

When there is person deriving refuge including guard and station employee, we follow the instructions.