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Point of return on foot

Point of return on foot

Because it is expected at the time of large-scale earthquake that restoration of public transport takes time, return on foot becomes basics. When you walk new course for a long time, you should usually carry reliable return support map.

Distance to be able to walk in one day (approximately eight hours) is generally said to be around 20 kilos.
When return by foot becomes limit by physical condition, in nearby "evacuation site" (big park, open space) or "disaster return support stations such as convenience stores," please take a rest.

Disaster return support station

For supply of water and the use of restroom, let's utilize "disaster return support station".

We support return on foot as far as it is possibility including information about use ③ road of offer ② restroom of ① tap water in "disaster return support stations" such as convenience store and service station, fast food restaurant.

Timing of return

If security is confirmed, we come home with a choice of bright time (night movement is dangerous).

Let's act while being careful about the second damage caused by aftershocks after having confirmed course and available means of transportation that we can pass enough when we come home.