When we had injury

Before medical treatment

We confirm state of place where oneself is now and move to safe place immediately when we are in danger.

If person falls down

When give first aid to injured person, for "cooperation of neighboring people" "cover own hand with rubber gloves or plastic bag, and let's keep, do not touch blood and wound of partner directly" in mind. We call out to person of the circumference, and let's help each other without overdoing it when we break case and foot bleeding in large quantities, and it is said that movement is difficult.

When we are shut in

When we are shut in in broken buildings, we beat thing of the circumference and do and provide sound and have you notice that person is.

When there is bleeding

We injure arm and foot, head and strongly suppress wound with gauze in surroundings and clean cloth when we are bleeding.

When we break a bone

When we break arm and foot, we expose thing becoming putting up a supporting pole to broken point and fix joint and putting up a supporting pole of both sides of bone which compromised with cloth or packing tape.

Help and lifesaving material

Equipments and AED for rescue are deployed in refuge. When you are necessary, please use without reserve.

It is in sports facility or welfare institution of ward and can search AED on homepage of "AED setting place search" except ward facility.