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  1. Shibuya City does not take responsibility for all about the damage of user who occurred by user having used this service and the damage that user gave third party whether the damage is direct or indirect.
  2. We may stop stop, cancellation of operation of this service. In addition, about the damage of user by this, we do not take all responsibility.
  3. All publication information of this service is just information in publication update point in time.
    After publication, we may update name or contents without announcing previously and may feel difference in publication information and the real situation by progress of time.
  4. We consider that we consented to disclaimers on using this service.

Disclaimers about use of map service

  • Please let personal purpose to fix for Copyright Act limit the use of this site to range to use.
  • Reproduce contents with publication in this site; sale loan, and commercial purpose and commercial purpose cannot use.
  • Such as data update and maintenance or emergency when occur, change some or all of this site without notice or may stop.
  • About contents of this site, we try for data maintenance as much as possible, but claims and obligations, please talk about use to important matters which might occur with Shibuya City by all means as we may not reflect the present conditions by input methods exactly at making time.
  • Shibuya City does not take responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage to occur by the use of this site and obstacle at all.
  • This site uses Internet communication and GPS function. Pinpointing precision of GPS, please note that gap may occur in real use to depend on neighboring environment.
  • Map and Image displaying in the background do not show border of the use of land or land.
  • As for the basic topographical map, the present situation may not be reflected exactly depending on area.
  • About map displaying in the background and map contents, we follow Terms of Use of BingMaps.
  • When we surpass limit of the number of the access, map function may not function temporarily.