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Privacy Policy

About privacy, protection of personal information, we perform appropriate collection, management and the use by place that Shibuya City ordinance of privacy protection (the 1989 Shibuya City regulations 40th) determines.

About collection of personal information

Through the use of Shibuya City disaster prevention portal site, the following information is collected.

・Access log
In this site, we record information of reader in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of reader, kind of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but access log is utilized for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website and may not be used in other purpose.

・Cookies (cookie)
In this site, we use cookies for collection of information about some contents. When reader visited site, cookies are recorded in computer of the reader. Thing identifying individual including reader name and e-mail address is not included in recorded information at all. In addition, in our site, readers analyze one having interest in what kind of site and may use these for effective information distribution on Web.
Feeling can set resistance for acceptance refusal of cookies by browser of use for intelligence using cookies. But please note that you may not function depending on contents definitely on this occasion. We can choose acceptance / refusal of cookies in this site by free judgment of reader by changing setting of browser. When reader refuses acceptance of cookies, reader may be subject to constant function restrictions in specific page.

・Positional information of user
Positional information is used only in purpose to provide service in user. Individual may not be identified.

About management of personal information

About personal information that we collected, Shibuya City disaster prevention portal site manager manages severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation. In addition, we try for protection of personal information by continuing, and planning review.