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Family safety

When whole family gathers, earthquake may not be generated.
We convey own safety by means that we decided beforehand including message dial for disaster if separated from family.

About confirmation method of safety

We examine plural methods by all means and will try.

Message dial "171" for disaster

We can perform recording and reproduction of message according to use guidance if we call message dial "171" for disaster of NTT.
As recording time is 30 seconds, let's convey current places to stay briefly.

Message board for disaster

It is safety information confirmation service using letter by the cell-phone companies.

Broadband message board (web171) for disaster

At the time of outbreak such as disasters, resident of disaster area (we include refuges) accesses message board site via the Internet, and registration of message information (from PC from Text, Sound, Image, cell-phone Text) is possible service as key in Telephone number.

Compile safety information; and search "J-anpi"

It is service that can search safety information that the companies provide at the time of disaster including message board and news information for disaster in a lump. We input "Telephone number" or "full name" and search.